About us

Introducing BUYNSELLAVL, a zero commission marketplace for Sellers and Buyers of new and used Audio-Video-Lighting equipment and band gear.

With the growing digital presence in the professional sectors for Audio-Video-Lighting (AVL) technologies, companies are now shifting to online platforms for purchasing of new or reselling their used or spare equipment. This is why we created BUYNSELLAVL, an online marketplace with easy-to-use but powerful navigational tools that inspire customers to source and make buying and selling of new and used equipment easier and cheaper. 

BUYNSELLAVL is unique as it allow sellers and buyers to directly contact each other through email, or messaging apps to further the communication and hopefully lead to a sale. But more importantly, BUYNSELLAVL works on a "zero commission" so sellers can get the most money for their items, not to mention offering lower prices for buyers. 

Now, we have a true dedicated industry platform for everyone, from the biggest manufacturer to the smallest rental company, to help them build and grow their online retail presence by listing their items for sale on BUYNSELLAVL.

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